About Me

Hello There!

I am so excited to have this opportunity to share and learn together. My journey stared about 40 years ago when I was caught cutting other students hair in the bathroom in my kindergarten class, my fee then was five cents for a bangs and until I got caught I was a huge success. :)

My formal training was in Indianapolis, IN at the Pivot Point Academy where I was trained  in long hair graphics, razor and scissor cutting, roller set design, geometry of hair cutting, chemistry, and much more. From there I trained under a wonderful stylist, Sandy Dodd in which I credit my love of a precision and razor cutting, color and the desire to always want to learn more! She trained me to do all hair types and to always listen closely to the clients needs. Thank you Sandy!

Over the years I have worked hard in maintaining my edge in the newest trends and feel it is important to consult with professionals in the medical field to help gain a better understanding of the chemistry behind the products I use.
 Thanks to The Dove Studio in Santa Monica, CA for their recent training in the chemistry of color and helping fire up my creative cutting edge. What a Team!

This blog is just one more step to allow me to give back by sharing what I know and  to give a platform for others to share as well! I do not claim to have all of the answers, so I encourage you  share what you have experiences so that we all can grow together!

Thanks for reading and remember we are a T.E.A.M
Together Everyone Achieves More !

Much Love,