Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer Time Hair Care

Summer time is a wonderful time to get outside, become more active after a long cold winter. The transition from caring for your hair with very little humidity in the winter months to a climate saturated in humidly can be quite challenging. Many of my clients come into the shop with complaints that their hair style is hard to maintain. In my experience of  being a licensed Cosmetologist for over 25 years there are no one size fits all fixes for the effects of what I will call "humidity hair" but there are a few things to consider in this struggle.
  1. Get a good precision cut! The right cut, (even if you just need your ends trimmed) can help in the maintenance and manageability with your style. You will know if you have a good cut because it will maintain it's over all look as it grows.
  2. Use a good conditioner that does not weigh your hair down. Remember shampooing is usually thought to help you scalp, and conditioners are generally made to help your hair.  
  3. Consult with your health care provider, ( doctor) about possibly using a vitamin supplement. A lot of these supplements contain Biotin which is a supplement that promotes cell regeneration and is said to help in the  growth and maintenance of healthy hair.
Remember there are no easy fixes these are just a few suggestions that may help in struggle in working with "humidity hair". Post your questions or experiences, so together we can get through the Summer hair together!
Tomorrow look for products that have helped with " humidity hair"  

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